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Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Third molars are commonly known as wisdom teeth. These are usually the last four to erupt out of 32 teeth in the mouth. The wisdom teeth generally start surfacing between the ages of 17 to 25 and are located at the back of the mouth near the entrance to the throat. The name “wisdom teeth” is given since these molars erupt at a time in life which is commonly associated with wisdom or maturity.

Sometime lack of space in the mouth stops the third molars from surfacing properly. In such cases the wisdom tooth can get stuck in an unwanted or more often than not in a potentially injurious position. The impacted molars can result in problems as common as infection, damage to adjacent teeth and in some cases cysts or even tumors.

The depth of the teeth within the jaw results in several types of impaction:

Soft Tissue Impaction:

The crown of the tooth has managed to penetrate through the bone, but the gum is covering it in part or full. Due to this the crown did not get positioned correctly around the tooth. This makes it difficult to clean the area under the gum. The accumulation of food causes infection and/or tooth decay, thereby pain and swelling.

Partial Bony Impaction:

In this case the wisdom tooth partially surfaces leaving a portion of the crown under the gum and the jawbone. The area becomes unreachable with during normal day to day cleaning and matter accumulation leads to infection and decay.

Complete Bony Impaction:

In this case the molar is completely encased by jawbone. .

Reasons to remove wisdom teeth

Wisdom teeth extractions are recommended and performed in case where there are problems such as infection, decay, pain or swelling. The untreated impaction of one or more molars can leads to a number of potential issues including:

Damage to adjacent teeth



Tooth Crowding

Getting Wisdom Teeth Examined

Using panoramic and sometimes digital x-rays your dentist will conduct a thorough examination to evaluate position of the wisdom teeth and condition of surrounding areas. This examination will allow your dentist to identify current issues and/or the probability of any issues arising in future.

What does the extraction process involve?

At Lookswoow Dubai the wisdom teeth removal process performed by a specially trained dentist. The patient is either placed under local anesthesia, intravenous (IV) sedation, or general anesthesia during the surgery. No overnight stay is required post surgery and you will be free to walk out of the clinic with a set of after care instructions and necessary medication to help assuage any minor swelling or discomfort.