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Surgical Procedures and Tooth Extractions

  • It is advised to return home and rest after the procedure
  • Keep gauze in your mouth with firm pressure for 30 minutes.
  • Do not drink any alcoholic beverages or smoke for at least 24-hours.
  • Do not consume hot, spicy or crispy foods for at least 24-hours period.
  • Eat smooth and soft foods such as yoghurt, ice-cream, mashed potatoes.
  • Do not drink with a straw for 24 hours but drink plenty of fluids
  • Use ice in the surgical area by placing it in between your cheeks. This will reduce the expected swelling.
  • Do not suck and spit, this will cause more bleeding.
  • Brush your teeth normally but avoid the affected in order not to remove the sutures.
  • Do not rinse your mouth or use any mouthwash for 24 hours.
  • Take your medicine (painkillers and antibiotics) as per your prescription.
  • Avoid physical activities for a week such as going to the gym.
  • While sleeping keep your head raised on 2 pillows to prevent bleeding.
  • After 24 hours, rinse your mouth either with mouthwash, or chamomile 3 to 4 times a day.
  • You may see on your skin black and blue marks and swelling. Do not worry it is a normal and part of the healing process.
  • If you have any concerns or your pain increases after 3 days or if bleeding continues call Lookswoow at 04 4487016 to speak to one of our doctors.