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Periodontics Dubai

Periodontics is the dental specialty that is concerned with diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of periodontal diseases. These diseases affect the gums and jawbone primarily. The teeth are surrounded and supported by the gum tissues while it is the underlying jawbone that secures the teeth in place. Periodontists are specialists with several years of additional dental training to look after maintaining the form, function and health of the jawbone and gum tissues.

Why you should opt for periodontal treatment?

The Periodontal disease is one of the major causes of tooth loss and should be dealt with accordingly. It is progressive condition and begins with gingivitis (mild gum inflammation). The most common symptoms of gum disease or periodontitis include redness, swelling, pain or bleeding of the gums, but in certain cases there are no immediately noticeable symptoms.

Typical Periodontal Disease Progression:

  • Bacteria living in Plaque: The bacteria causes infection in the tissues and results in irritation or pain.
  • Receding Jawbone: If left untreated this infection causes the jawbone to recede. Since the jawbone hold the tooth in place, the receding causes it to become loose.

There are multiple reasons why it is absolutely necessary to get periodontal treatment:

  • Intermediate/advanced gum disease: Characterized by receding jawbone, redness or swelling of the gum tissues.
  • Localized recession of gums: The infection that causes gum disease is, more often than not, localized. Other causes of gum recession include over brushing or wrongly positioned tooth. Immediate treatment is recommended to halt progression of the disease.

Before undergoing certain procedures:

  • Crown lengthening: It is recommended to get periodontal diseases treated before opting for crown lengthening.
  • Ridge augmentation: Commonly referred as “recontouring” is performed to fix uneven gum line. Once again periodontal diseases treatments are recommended before going for recontouring.

For mild or moderate periodontal diseases, the treatment will be focused on curing the bacterial infection and recommending the most essential home cleaning methods.

Sometimes a deep scaling is required to clean the bacterial plaque buildup and calculus (tartar) from the teeth and surrounding tissues. For advanced periodontal diseases with significant regression of jawbone, a more intensive cleaning might be recommended and any loose teeth that cannot be saved will be extracted.

To half the the progression of periodontal diseases, it is absolutely essential to get rid of the bacteria and calculus build in order to prevent the infection from spreading. Your dentist will also recommend effective home cleaning methods that you should follow.