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LOOKSWOOW Teeth Whitening System is a revolutionary teeth whitening system. It’s safe, effective, and in no time you can walk out with a beautiful white smile.

The whitening procedure is done in three 20 minute sessions done one after the other for a total of one hour. Results are immediate and can you can walk out of our clinic with a beautiful bright smile.

Our tooth shade guide has 25 shades of teeth colors ranging from -1 to 24. -1 being the lowest in the range and 24 the darkest in the range. Usually professional teeth whitening drops you down between 6 to 10 shades lighter from the original color. Our system has taken our customers as far as 18 shades lighter from their original color in just one visit.

Therefore our packages has been designed to cater for every type of staining to reach the low end of the scale.


Type of staining  Package Number of visits Duration Shades lighter 
Heavy staining Woow 3D+ 2 120 minutes 14-24
Low to moderate Woow 3D 1 60 minutes 8-14

Yearly Package

Designed for people whose teeth are subjected to heavy staining such as smoking or drinking or simply for people who want a perfect look every day.

This package includes 4 visits within a year every 3 months for teeth whitening maintenance.

With this package you will get 4 teeth whitening visits for the price of 3