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Lookswoow Dental Clinic & Teeth Whitening Spa
The Dubai Mall, Ground Floor GF 260, Next to Galleries Lafayette Dubai, Dubai 78214
Phone: 800566579669

Our System VS Others

We use hydrogen peroxide and not carbomide peroxide which is not as effective for immediate results and is not recommended for light activated procedures
There are no preservatives in our gels where other products do which hinders the whitening results
Our gels are so safe on teeth and gums that they do not require gum barriers and protection which takes a lot of time for doctors to prepare patients for the whitening procedure
All our products are food, plant and mineral based which means that they are harmless even if ingested they turn to water and are non abrasive on natural teeth, crowns, and gums
So, now you can now choose Lookswoow ahead of others for the best teeth whitening in dubai

Not only do our gels whiten teeth but provide re-mineralization to the teeth

The state of the art whitening gels in combination with our LED whitening lights provide superior results to other whitening system. Customers can achieve as much as 14 shades whiter

Our LED lights are so safe that customers can direct the light on their teeth and gums for hours without any side effects.