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Hub of Best Orthodontist in Dubai

Crooked, misaligned and crowded teeth are often associated with low self-esteem and self-consciousness. At Lookswoow Dental Clinic, we provide several orthodontic treatments that pave the way to a healthy and beautiful smile. Our team includes a team of expert Orthodontists in Dubai, who use their experience and expertise to correct your teeth. Their services include fixing bad bites, improperly aligned teeth and also, offer consultancy for improved oral health.

More often than not, Lookswoow Dental Clinic the best orthodontist in Dubai can effectively fix bite problems that become more prominent when you are between the ages of 6-12. The treatments should ideally begin by the age of 8-14 using braces and other methods. Treatment is not only viable to kids, adults are also good candidates for the same and they can go for the treatment and get healthy teeth.

Our Orthodontist in Dubai Fixes Different Types of Malocclusion

If you are searching an orthodontist near me, then Lookswoow gives you the best option for fixing your overbites, under bites, jaws, thronged teeth or any other dental issue that leads to the misalignment of the teeth. Because the different types of anomalies or malocclusion are caused due to your oral habits, hereditary and tooth loss, our team of the best orthodontist in Dubai understands that the time for orthodontic treatments will vary from person to person, be it children or adults. Let’s take a look at them to get a better idea:

  • The size, shape and the structure of the jaw bones or the teeth are often controlled by genetics. For instance, if you have a family history of having small or large teeth, it will pass on to the new generation as well.
  • Growth pattern also plays a major role, especially after milk teeth gives way to permanent teeth.
  • Missing teeth is a case where children lack a couple of teeth in their jawbones when they are born. Alternatively, their teeth may not develop or erupt properly.
  • Small teeth can also lead to gaps between teeth.
  • Large or small jaws can lead to misalignment of teeth.
  • Extra teeth are also a cause of malocclusion, leading them to erupt in awkward angles and positions.
  • Different size of jaws or misaligned jaws can also lead to an overbite or under-bite for a person.
  • Traumatic teeth loss or dental disease related teeth loss can also leave space in the mouth.
  • Premature loss of primary teeth or baby bottle tooth decay is also quite common in kids, especially who fall asleep with a bottle of milk.
  • Nutritional deficiencies can also take a toll on the growth of the jaws and the teeth.
  • Oral habits such as thumb sucking, pacifiers, lip and fingernail biting, tongue thrusting can also lead to open bite or malocclusion.

So, how can you know that it is time to visit a periodontist in Dubai or an orthodontist near me? Here are some signs that you need to watch out for:

  • Misaligned teeth that are crowded, crooked or misplaced
  • Abnormally meeting teeth that are not aligned with other teeth or jaw
  • Difficulties faced during food chewing or biting
  • Often breathing from the mouth
  • Biting the roof of the mouth or the cheek
  • Speech issues and trouble with uttering certain words
  • Pain in the facial muscles
  • Jaws shifting often and making sounds
  • Abnormal facial appearance

When you visit a dentist regularly, you can be assured that they will check your child’s mouth for any of the signs and symptoms for malocclusion. This is what makes the treatment easier and also, reduces the cost for further treatments. Additionally, post the treatment, you can be assured of easier cleaning of the teeth and therefore, better oral hygiene, a clearer speech and of course, an attractive smile. The earlier you visit an Orthodontist in Dubai, the quicker your problem will be solved.

Orthodontic Treatment at Lookswoow

Our dentists have many years of experience and specialised training. They will perform an initial evaluation by making a visual inspection of the teeth and mouth. When they find a sign, they will schedule another appointment to take x-rays, photos and teeth impressions to analyse the issues further and create a treatment plan. They offer multiple treatments to correct the conditions such as:

  • Treatment for overcrowding
  • Treatment for overbite and under-bite
  • Aesthetic smile problems – gummy smile
  • Alignment issues
  • Malocclusion issues

Types of Braces we use at Lookswoow Dental Clinic

  • DAMON Braces: The latest technology in orthodontic fixed bracket appliances – It reduces the treatment time between 3 to six months does not utilise rubbers therefore minimising irritation and tooth decay. They come in steel and clear for more aesthetic look. Fixes all types of orthodontic problems
  • Eon and Invisalign aligners: These are clear molds that are custom made to individual treatment. Highly invisible. They must be replaced every week to 2 weeks depending on doctor orders in line with teeth movement. The benefit of these is that they are removable so when you eat or drink you can do that comfortably. They must be worn all the time except when you eat or brush your teeth. These types of aligners fix 90% of orthodontic problems.
  • Inman Aligners: These are removable appliances that are used to fix alignment problems in frontal teeth. It’s a quick method to achieve that without resorting to conventional treatment. Its an affordable solution and comes in steel and clear appliances.
  • Hollywood Smile: For people who do not want to wait for long treatment plans , a Hollywood smile can fix most orthodontic problems while achieving the perfect smile all at the same time and its instantaneous.

Our Orthodontist at Lookswoow Dental Clinic will do a full assessment of your situation, suggest the best treatment plan, treatment duration and best solution that meets your budget.

Want to consult our orthodontist or endodontist in Dubai? We are just a call away. Get straight, appealing teeth today!