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Hollywood Smile Procedure

Ever wondered if stars are born with the perfect bright white teeth? And how you can have the perfect symmetrical teeth? Lookswoow Dental Clinic is here for you.

Not every star is born with perfect teeth though they might have good genes. Using effective methods like zirconium, porcelain veneers, lumineers or composite veneers perfection in the smile zone which involves frontal teeth can be achieved.

Our Professional dentists at Lookswoow will provide you with a free consultation to evaluate the best suitable procedure for your teeth to make them look perfect and natural to other people. All this is possible with in your budget.

A complete smile makeover, also known as Hollywood smile is an excellent option if you have chipped teeth, misaligned teeth or experiencing discoloration. Tooth whitening tooth pastes are effective only for a limited time, however, a bright and shiny smile is everyone’s dream to enhance ones professional and personal prospects.

Our dentists examine the shape, structure, size and the bite of the teeth along with the overall dental health. They also check for any decays, gum diseases etc. to know if the candidate is qualified for the procedure. The treatment involves bonding veneers composite, procera or ceramic laminates to the surface of the teeth. This is just a revocable procedure and does not involve any sort of discomfort and pain. It also does not require any anesthesia.

To get the perfectly aligned teeth within your budget is just amazing. Similar to your natural teeth, your stunning veneers teeth requires some maintenance, however it is nothing but ordinary – just brush twice a day, flossing and rinsing your mouth with water after every time you have a meal is enough to keep your bright smile long lasting. A dental check up every 6 months is important.

Our quality dental services in dubai will guarantee that your new look is natural and just not appealing.