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Gaps in teeth

Diastema, known as gaps in teeth in common terms, is a distinctive gap between the teeth, especially between the upper front teeth which are known as incisors. This is a very common condition in children between ages of 6 and 8. In most of the cases, the gap perishes eventually with the growth of permanent teeth. And in some cases, the gap will not close even after eruption of permanent incisors and canines. We recommend to consult us in these cases as this is a case of orthodontics.

Causes of Gapped Teeth

Diastema is natural in most of the cases. However, below mentioned factors may also cause diastema:

Mismatch of size between the jaw and the teeth – This could cause gap in teeth as the jaw size is bigger than normal which creates extra space available for the teeth.

Missing teeth can also cause diastema.

Abnormal bone structure of the jaw – This may prevent the upper two teeth from touching normally.

Lip biting – Lot of kids have the habit of biting their lower lip which may cause the front teeth drift apart leading to diastema.

Tongue Thrusting – Some have habit of pushing their tongue against the front two teeth which may again lead to gap in teeth

Oversized labial fraenum – It is an extended piece of tissue under the middle of the upper lip to the gum above the two front teeth. In some cases, this piece of tissue to grow further between the two front teeth which creates a gap. This is also termed as maxillary diastema.

Lingual fraenum – The fraenum that attaches the tongue to the floor of the mouth is called lingual fraenum. This also may be a cause of the gap in teeth on the lower jaw.

Treatment at Lookswoow

A lot of people are very conscious about their appearance and gap in teeth has a negative effect. We offer several cosmetic dentistry treatments for correcting this.

We recommend the following treatments:

Orthodontic treatment – With the use of dental braces, our orthodontist can close the gap between the teeth. In this treatment, the teeth move slightly closer to each other. For larger gaps, our orthodontist moves several teeth towards the area of the gap to make them equal between all teeth. This treatment gives permanent results; however, it may take a long time to complete (a year in cases of big gaps).

Bonding or dental veneers – Also referred as bonding. Our cosmetic dentists close the gap by making the teeth adjacent to the gap to look wider by applying a composite material (tooth bonding) or porcelain veneers on the front surface of the teeth. It only takes 2 appointments for this procedure at lookswoow and results are immediate. However, we do not recommend this procedure for large gaps as the teeth will look abnormally wide.

Prosthetic dentistry – Our dentist recommends this procedure if diastema is caused due to missing teeth.

Other treatments we also offer for diastema are dental implants, bridge or partial denture.