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Early Cavity Detection

Dr. Woow has been using “laser cavity detection” for the past eight years at Lookswoow Dental Clinic and Teeth Whitening Spa.  Now there is a newer and more detailed detection system available.  Dr. Woow is now introducing the next generation in “State-of-the-Art” cavity detection to his patients.  The new Early Detect technology uses fluorescence to detect cavities, decay and hairline fractures.  The monitor shows Doppler Radar-like images, and allows Dr. Woow to show patients a detailed clear visual depiction of any cavity or abnormality.

According to Dr. Woow, “This new ‘radiation free’ earlier detection technology saves patients’ teeth from more invasive and more expensive procedures.  We are now able to circumvent expensive, time consuming, future dental procedures tomorrow, by using this technology today.”

“Holistic Dentistry at its finest is when we are able to prevent tooth destruction, treating teeth as precious, irreplaceable living body parts.  Many times cavities are hidden in the grooves and smooth surfaces of teeth.  Previously, some of these cavities may have gone undetected in X-rays and even in doing a visual exam with a traditional dental probe.  With this new early detection technology, we can find previously undetectable cavities and can even locate decay hidden between the margins of existing white composite fillings, and old silver, mercury-amalgam fillings.  I am able to use our new technology during the removal of the cavity, to confirm that all of the decay is gone, before placing the new white filling.”