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Duration of treatment

A common question between all those who consider to start orthodontic treatment is ‘how long do I need to wear braces?

Duration of orthodontic treatment may differ significantly from person to person depending on the individual characteristics of each case. Typical orthodontic treatment time is expected to be from six months to three years, although a year and a half is the average.

How Many Times Should I Visit An Orthodontist?

Usually orthodontic patients need to see the orthodontist once per month. During these visits the orthodontist is going to change & adjust the wires, springs, or rubber bands to make sure that the orthodontic braces are applying the right amount of pressure on the teeth to move them to their new position.

Factors Affecting Orthodontic Treatment

Important factors in determining the duration of an orthodontic treatment (and the orthodontics cost as well) are:

  • the severity of the case, complexity of the orthodontic problem that requires correction
  • patient’s age
  • state of health of the teeth & gums
  • the width of distance that teeth should be moved
  • location of teeth to be moved
  • growth and tissue response to treatment
  • the cooperation of the patient (he should attend all his appointments on time and take care not to damage appliances)
  • proper use of retainers after the braces removal
  • expertise of the orthodontist
  • treatment plan and technique