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Digital X-Rays

At lookswoow, we use the latest technology, digital radiography to take dental x-rays. In this technique we use an electronic sensor instead of an ax-ray film that stores the digital image on a computer. Our dentist uses this image to view and enlarge instantly to detect the problems. This technique reduces the risk of exposure to radiation by 80-90%.

Dental x-rays provide valuable information that is not visible during a dental examination. Our dentists use this information to detect hidden dental problems more accurately which eventually helps in preparing an accurate treatment plan.

Dental x-rays may help dentists to reveal:

Abscesses or cysts

Bone loss

Cancerous and non-cancerous tumors

Decay between the teeth

Developmental abnormalities.

Poor tooth and root positions.

Problems inside a tooth or below the gum line

Digital x-rays also help in detecting the problems at an early stage that can save you time and money.

We recommend a full mouth series of dental x-rays for new patients which is good for three to five years.