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Have you ever wondered how stars have perfect, symmetrical, bright, white teeth? And ask yourself are they born with such nice teeth? Well Lookswoow Dental Clinic can make you look like the stars.Stars, models, and celebrities although might have good genes but not every star has perfect teeth. Perfection in the smile zone which involves the frontal teeth that is visible to others can be achieved using different methods such as zirconium, porcelain, or composite veneers, lumineers, ultaneers etc.

Lookswoow Dental Clinic professional dentists will provide you with a free consultation to evaluate what is the most suitable procedure for your teeth to look as natural, perfect, and noticeable to other people. We also try to get you the results that you want within your budget.

Our dentist are like artists, they will ensure that your new look is not only appealing but also natural as well.


A procedure that aims at removing stains and discoloration from teeth in order to achieve a brighter, whiter teeth.


A procedure using tooth colored composite resins to restore and modify the shape and color of natural teeth for a better look and function.


Thin laminates usually made of porcelain, directly bonded to the tooth structure to correct mal-formed teeth, close gaps between teeth, and mask heavily stained teeth that do not respond to whitening.


Similar to Veneers but they are even thinner.


Porcelain material used to restore badly damaged teeth to its natural look and function.


Titanium material that is used to successfully restore missing teeth due to gum disease, accidents or decay without preparing adjacent teeth.


The second most favorable way to implants in restoring missing teeth. The cost of the procedure is less than implants


A procedure to correct the appearance of a smile in which the length of the gums are extremely visible in comparison with the teeth also known as gummy smile is corrected by increasing the length of the crown.


Braces are orthodontic appliances used to move teeth and correct their position.
A smile make over utilizes one or more of the mentioned procedures to improve your smile and general aesthetic appearance.


Lookswoow carries Swarovski Teeth Jewelry in 8 different shades