Lookswoow Dental Clinic & Teeth Whitening Spa
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After Care Instructions

First 2 hours After Whitening

Do not smoke or chew tobacco.

Do not eat or drink anything except for WATER.

First 24 hours After Whitening

Drink lots of water room temperature.

Brush teeth very gently tonight to avoid gum sensitivity. You might feel tingling sensation. Don’t worry its normal If you experience any sensitivity within the next 24 hours you may use Lookswoow Desensitizing Gel and take a mild pain reliever. The symptoms are temporary and will go away

First 3 Days After Whitening

Avoid any dark colored food or drink as you can ruin the results if you don’t follow the instructions


Coffee | Tea | Soda | Coolaid | Red Grapes | Tomato Sauce | Red Meat | Dark

Colored Vegetables


Water | White grapes | White Chicken | Turkey | Noodles | White Sauce | White Cheese | Potatoes etc.

Color Maintenance

The only way to maintain teeth color is by use of teeth whitening maintenance kits to always remove the layer of staining that accumulates on teeth from smoking and eating dark colored foods and drinks. Use any fluoride toothpaste with whitening on the label. Use Lookswoow Home Teeth Whitening Pen every other day before bed time or
before occasions | no rinse off required. Use Lookswoow Teeth Whitening Kit once a month or as needed for max 1 hour.