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6 Questions You Have for a Periodontist

Answered by Our Team of Best Periodontist in Dubai

Whether you are a 5-year old or a 50-year old, a visit to the dentist always gives you the jitters. More so, if you need to visit a periodontist. This post is an eye-opener as our team answers some of the common questions you have before you book an appointment. This will help you take more informed decisions.

When Should I See a Periodontist in Dubai?  

There is no set time to see a periodontist. You can book an appointment for periodontal evaluation every quarter or when you notice certain signs and symptoms that may hint at periodontal disease. These symptoms include but are not limited to:

  • Your gum bleeds easily during brushing and flossing
  • Your gum is swollen and tender often
  • You have pus formation between your teeth and gums
  • Your gums are receding/pulling away from the teeth
  • You have persistent bad breath
  • You have loose or separating teeth
  • Any other anomaly in the oral cavity that does not improve within two weeks

Apart from this, you can also visit them when you are pregnant, have a family member with the disease or if you are suffering from any other disease.

What to Expect the First Time I Visit a Periodontist?

When you visit the periodontist for the first time, you will need to bring your complete medical and dental records with you. This includes details about your overall health and not just your oral health. The dentist will look at the records, examine you and ask you questions about any medications that you are taking or whether you are being treated for any other existing disease. Post this, you will be given a thorough oral exam. This will help the dentist assess whether you have any gum line issues, how your teeth fit when you bite or any other anomalies. They will also check for spaces between the teeth and gums (also called Periodontal pockets). They may even use X-Rays to check for any possible bone loss.

Does the Periodontal Surgery Hurt?

Periodontal surgeries may be required when the tissues around the teeth become unhealthy and there is no choice but to opt for non-surgical treatment. Nowadays, every top periodontist in Dubai use different treatment options that make use of best techniques along with the most advanced medications and therefore, it can be performed without causing any major discomfort. We at Lookswoow have a team of experts who ensure that the examination, treatment and everything in between go smooth.

How Long Does It Take to Heal?

The downtime is not much when it comes to healing after a periodontal surgery. Patients can usually enjoy their normal routine the very next day after a surgery or treatment. In certain cases, there can be post-operative care that the dentist will specify so that there is minimal disruption of the daily activities.

How Much Will it Cost?

Every patient and their needs are different and therefore, you need to make it a point to complete the initial examination phase before the treatment plan and cost is determined. It depends on the type of periodontal issues that you have and the length/complexity of the treatment. Some dentists may provide an approximate fee initially.

Is it Possible to Save the Natural Tooth?

More often than not, when a root canal treatment is suggested, it becomes difficult to save your natural tooth. However, we will try to do our best and make sure that your tooth is kept intact. And even if it is not possible to do so despite diligent efforts, we can provide you dental implants that can mimic the exact look and feel of natural tooth.

These are some of the questions you need to have before you search for a periodontist near me”. Keep a tab on our blog for more upcoming posts on dental health.

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