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Oral Hygiene Dubai

Experience the art of dental treatment in Dubai with lookswoow. Our programs are designed by dental experts ranging from cleansing of microbial plaque from your teeth and keeping away from problem that affecting your teeth, gums or other tissues of the oral cavity. Perfect oral hygiene, healthy lifestyle and Regular visits to a dentist are the main factors to keep a good oral health.

Risks of Poor Oral Hygiene

The most important reason for maintaining oral hygiene is to prevent the dental problems that are caused by continuous accumulation of microbial plaque. Lack of proper oral hygiene results in continuous accumulation of acids emitting bacteria on top of your teeth and demineralizes the tooth enamel causing tooth cavities.

With both these conditions there is risk losing one or more teeth. In most cases the underlying cause for losing teeth can be traced back to lack of proper oral hygiene. In certain cases prolonged dental problems can lead to serious general health issues like heart attack and strokes.

How important is Good Oral Hygiene

A stitch in time saves nine. Prevention is always better for dental treatment to avoid serious dental illness. The change in human diet with modern food pattern like fast food and preservative soft drinks highly increases the chances of bad oral health. Sometimes your little care for oral health can save you from costly dental treatments. Following proper dental hygiene procedures, you can prevent symptoms like oral thrush, trench mouth bad breath etc. But the fact is most of us remember about dental hygiene only after painful and expensive dental treatment.

For a perfect personality, it is necessary for our overall wellness, proper diet, eat correctly, speak clearly and look and feel good.

Oral Hygiene Methods

Nowadays awareness campaigns about oral hygiene and its significance have increased with a large variety of dental products available in the market. Your trusted dentist can help you in understanding oral care procedures and selecting the right medicinal products for your overall dental well being. The main methods for good oral hygiene are:

Tooth Brushing

Daily brushing is necessary to keep a good oral hygiene. Regular brushing with the use of a suitable tooth brush is the most effective method of cleansing your teeth from bacteria and food stains. Proper brushing helps in removing dental plaque and in preventing problems that might arise otherwise.

A good tooth paste will enhance your natural dental protection and provide additional ingredients such as fluoride and antimicrobial agents to strengthen teeth. Apart from making regular brushing a habit, you should also make sure to change the tooth brush regularly, so that it is always in good condition. It is also essential to learn the correct way of brushing teeth.

Teeth Flossing

Flossing is important for the cleaning of areas between teeth (interdental cleaning) and under the gum line. In these areas your tooth brush bristles can’t reach and clean. Hence it is recommended to learn how to floss your teeth and do the same once in day along with brushing.

Other Interdental Cleaning Tools

Additional to dental floss we can use other interdental cleaning tools such as small interdental brushes like WaterPik. These tools are useful for patients with dental bridges, tooth implants or dental braces.

Mouth Wash

Mouth wash or mouth rinse are always complementary of brushing and flossing. Their most common use is to refresh the breath,it contain fluoride and antimicrobial agents to increase teeth protection. However it cannot substitute regular brushing and flossing of teeth

Basic Oral Hygiene Tips

  • Learn how to brush teeth properly. Brush your teeth twice daily.
  • For better results change your tooth brush every 3 months.
  • It is advisable to choose fluoride based tooth pastes and mouthwashes without alcohol.
  • At least once a day, use dental floss.
  • If you have bridges, implants or braces use interdental cleaning tools.
  • Avoid too much sugary or acidic foods and drinks which can cause damage to your teeth. Follow balanced diets and help maintain perfect dental health.