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Orthodontic Treatment after Care Instructions

Below are the common post procedure issues and instructions that will help in dealing with those.

Day One

–      The placement itself of braces itself will not be painful at all.

–      You will need some to adjust with the braces so it may take you a while to eat your meals.

–      In some cases, there might be increase in teeth sensitivity

First Three days

–      Since the teeth are not used to the pressure of the braces a little discomfort or pain in the teeth and around the lips and cheeks is expected as the realignment process begins.

–      To relive the pain and discomfort, a relief wax/silicone will be provided that needs to be applied over the braces

–      Pain medication commonly available over-the-counter can also be used

–      Rigorous rinsing with Warm salt water can provide relief from soreness.

One week

–      The initial discomfort from early days should be gone by now.

–      Eating food should also get easier as the teeth get used to the braces.

Regular Monthly Checkups

–      Regular checkups are extremely important to change archwires, adjust braces and monitor overall progress.

–      Whether the treatment will be successful or not depends on these checkups and reviews

–      You should also expect a slight discomfort after each monthly adjustment but that shouldn’t last too long

Foods that should be avoided during treatment

Generally you should avoid tough and sticky foods. Hard or dried meats, corn or gummy bears can break your braces and are also very hard to clean which leading to cavities in certain cases.

Daily Regime:

Maintaining proper oral hygiene while undergoing the treatment is extremely important as it will help in speeding up the overall process

1-      Regularly brush 3 to 4 times every day

2-      Don’t forget to use mouth wash after brushing

3-      Follow that up with floss at least once every day